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ScaleBio can assist you in getting started with single-cell sequencing projects across our growing application portfolio, which now includes our single-cell DNA methylation service.

Partnering with ScaleBio Services enables you to accelerate your research, giving you access to the latest single-cell sequencing technology through our combinatorial indexing platform. With help from our team, you can be the first to unlock new insights from your samples with novel applications, such as single-cell DNA methylation. Our expert team of scientists will help guide your experimental design, process your samples, and allow you to focus on gaining knowledge.

Services Overview


ScaleBio will guide you in project design and advise you on sample preparation and fixation. Samples can then be prepared and fixed remotely and shipped to ScaleBio, for streamlined shipping to our facilites. Our team will perform library preparation and sequencing, as well as the initial quality control analysis of the data.

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