Single Cell Epigenetics

Single-cell epigenetic methods, such as chromatin accessibility or ATAC, can give us deeper insight into regulatory mechanisms that drive cellular phenotypes and mechanisms of disease.

With combinatorial indexing, scATAC seq can be performed at scale, increasing the throughput of chromatin accessibility experiments by 10-fold, while maintaining a significant reduction in cost.

High Throughput

Analyze up to 300,000 nuclei per run with our Single Cell ATAC Pre-Indexing Kit.

Reduce Costs

Signficantly reduce costs of large scale experiments.

Minimal Hands-On Time

Just 30 minutes of hands-on time for a 10-fold gain in throughput.

Single Cell ATAC Pre-Indexing Kit


Overview of the Single Cell ATAC Pre-Indexing Kit workflow.

Superloading of droplet systems doesn’t impact reaction chemistry

Graphs depicting ScaleBio's Single Cell ATAC-Seq Kit's consistent reads per number of loaded nuclei

Even with extensive overloading (as high as 9 nuclei per droplet, left graph) consistent reads per nuclei can be detected.

High content single-cell combinatorial indexing.

Nature Biotechnol. July 2021.

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Single Cell ATAC Pre-Indexing Kit


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