About us


About Scale Biosciences

Scale Biosciences strives to unlock complex biology by enabling single-cell analysis with our patented combinatorial indexing technology.

We are developing products that enable unprecedented scale at a fraction of the cost, allowing researchers to ask new questions in single-cell research.

Our goal is to transform single-cell analysis and to pave the way for new and ground-breaking discoveries in single-cell biology.

Scientific Co-Founders

ScaleBio has a world-class founding team and well-respected Board and Investor syndicate that brings a proven track record in building game changing life sciences tools companies.

Headshot picture of Sean Scott, scientific co-founder of Scale Biosciences
Sean Scott
Headshot picture of Gary Nolan, scientific co-founder of Scale Biosciences
Garry Nolan
Headshot picture of Frank Steemers, scientific co-founder of Scale Biosciences
Frank Steemers
Headshot picture of Jay Shendure, scientific co-founder of Scale Biosciences
Jay Shendure
Headshot picture of Cole Trapnell, scientific co-founder of Scale Biosciences"
Cole Trapnell

Our mission

Scalebio’s mission is to enable researchers across a broad range of fields of study and single-cell applications to unlock the potential of single-cell sequencing at scale and discover complex biology at single-cell resolution.

Our vision

We believe single cell analysis will power the next generation of biomedical research breakthroughs and every lab should be able to access it.


Our technology

-g-Scalable cell throughput

Scalable cell throughout

-g-Scalable sample indexing

Scalable sample indexing

-g-Highly efficient chemistries

Highly efficient chemistries

-g-Low library preparation costs

Low library preparation costs

-g-Join our team

Join our team

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